‘The Walking Dead’ – Episode 3.14 – Prey – Detailed Synopsis SPOILER ALERT #thewalkingdead

Once again, this week we have the entirety of a new The Walking Dead episode  revealed to us.

So, fair warning, if you wish to watch this Sunday’s episode of  TWD episode 3.14 and not know what the outcomes will be, stop reading now. Every other spoiler synopsis from this source has been 99% correct. (The grammar leaves a bit to be desired but the leaked synopsis is sourced from a Spanish country (in which The Walking Dead is as insanely popular as it is here).

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Laurie Holden as Andrea in The Walking Dead (Cr: AMCtv)

‘The Walking Dead’ – Episode 3.14 – Prey – Detailed Synopsis SPOILERS

The episode begins with Tyreese and Sasha practicing their shots (see sneak peek video).

Andrea goes in search of Milton to find out what the Governor discussed with Rick. Milton tells her in explicit detail, about the trap involving Michonne, the Governor’s plan of killing anyone who comes to deliver her (like the more dangerous — Rick, Merle, Daryl, Glenn), and what he plans on doing to Michonne.

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The Walking Dead episode 3.14 ‘Prey’ (Cr: AMCtv)

Andrea deliberates whether or not she should just kill the Governor but Milton urges her to go and warn Rick’s group instead. Andrea, however, doesn’t want to flee; she wants to follow her plan of murdering the Governor that night.

The Governor goes to some stores in Woodbury that night and breaks windows and burns walkers. He tells the townspeople that it was Rick’s group who did it. Martinez begins to disapprove of the Governor’s methods but also begins to suspect Andrea.

Back at the prison, Rick is keeping watch when he sees something odd amongst the walkers. For a moment he begins to hallucinate and sees Carl as a walker.

Carl suddenly appears behind Rick and asks him what he’s looking it. Rick, surprised, tells him it isn’t anything.

Rick begins to seriously consider trading in Michonne for the safety of his people but he also considers how Michonne has helped them herself. He considers her a part of the group.

Glenn and Maggie announce that they would like to get married and wish for Hershel to marry them.


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Laurie Holden as Andrea in the Walking Dead episode 3.14 “Prey’ (Cr: AMCtv)

Back at Woodbury, the Governor speaks to Andrea and questions what side she’s on. Andrea lies and says she’s on his side while smiling at him affectionately. The Governor pretends not to believe her and turns around. (?) Milton sees whats happening from afar and calls Andrea over. He gets in an alley to wait for her. He tells her that he’s willing to try his luck outside and accompany her to the prison. Andrea doesn’t want to go to the prison because it will ruin her plans.


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The Governor (David Morrissey) and Milton (Dallas Roberts) in the Walking Dead episode 3.14 “Prey’ (Cr: AMCtv)

Milton insists on going to the prison to warn them. The Governor then approaches them and becomes suspicious. He beats Milton, leaving Andrea to help clean his wounds. Milton finally agrees to her plan on killing the Governor.

In the prison, there’s a scene where Daryl and Merle are talking about how their separation in Atlanta was convenient because they don’t think they would have survived so long otherwise. Merle insists that they should leave the prison immediately but Daryl doesn’t want to. He knows that their lives would hanging on by a thread on the road and that the group is tired of running.

While they’re eating Beth tells them that if T-Dog, Dale, Lori, Jimmy, Patricia, and Otis wouldn’t have died and if they wouldn’t have turned away Tyreese’s group, they would be a much stronger team.

In Woodbury, Andrea is investigating their weapons when the Governor catches her. He beats her and intends to sexually assault her when Martinez comes in. He (Martinez?) asks (the Governor? Andrea?) if she tried to kill him.

The morning comes, with it a new day, and the Governor sends some men to search for Milton since he is nowhere to be found.

Tyreese and Sasha are keeping watch on their post when suddenly hear gunshots and see a horde coming their way.

Allen, Ben, and two other men appear from the forest. They are firing their guns and trying to get to Woodbury.

Martinez comes after hearing the gunshots and exclaims for them to go a different direction, as they are leading the horde to the town, but none of the men listen to him.

The men get to where Tyreese and Sasha are. They try to help them but the horde is huge. The walkers grab one of the men and they destroy him. Ben trips and hurts his ankle. Allen runs out of ammo so he drops the rifle and asks the remaining man to help him with Ben.

The man abandons them. Tyreese signals them to climb on one side and Sasha kills some walkers so they can get to the wall. Tyreese pulls Ben while the horde gets closer. Allen isn’t able to make it over and is grabbed by walkers. They bite his arms and legs. Tyreese, unable to do anything else, shoots Allen in the head.

Ben can’t believe what has just happened. Once he finds out that Allen, Ben, and the other two men were sent to kill Milton, Tyreese confides that he believes Andrea is right about the Governor.

Source: Spoil the Dead

Hm. Not really shocking. One of the redshirts (Alan) is dead. Interesting that Andrea wouldn’t listen to Milton, who really knows what the Governor is capable of. So Andrea went hunting for weapons (for Rick’s group? now? DUMB) got herself beaten and nearly raped by the man who just days ago she was ‘in like’ with (sounds awful, but she’s continuing on the path of making very stupid choices) and the last time we see her, Martinez has walked in on the mayhem. Milton is MIA, though supposedly is making his way to the prison, if the lackeys the Guv sent did not kill him.

All-in-all sounds like a satisfying The Walking Dead episode, setting us up for the penultimate episode and then what is sure to be a BIG season-ender on March 31!