Sons Of Anarchy Tease Season 6 ‘Brawl’ (VIDEO) #SOAFX #sonsofanarchy

‘Brawl’ Sons Of Anarchy Tease #1 (VIDEO)

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Sons Of Anarchy Season 6 Cast – Tease #1 fea. Maggie Siff, Ron Perlman, Charlie Hunnam, Kim Coates, Katey Sagal, Theo Rossi and Mark Boone Jr. (Credit: FX)
(Above) Screencaps from the first Sons of Anarchy season 6 tease video.

Trouble comes from all directions. Sons of Anarchy, Season Premiere September, only on FX.

When we last left our anti-heroes, one Son had dispatched a hated rival, another had resigned his post and a third was ready to do some time, as was an “old lady”. Suffice it to say, the Sons Of Anarchy crew will be in a fightin’ mood when the FX drama returns for Season 6. And this new half-minute peek backs that up.

SOURCE: Deadline

14 vert Sons Of Anarchy Tease Season 6 Brawl (VIDEO) #SOAFX #sonsofanarchy
Sons Of Anarchy Season 6 Cast – Tease #1 (Credit: FX)

The first season 6 Sons Of Anarchy tease has been released. It is aptly entitled ‘Brawl’, as that’s exactly what our outlaw biker gang and it’s old ladies are doing. It is not as if everything has always been coming up roses within the club, but the tease seems to indicate that instead of beefs between individuals, the whole damn club is in an uproar.

The placement of the cast is exactly where you’d think them to be given the events of season 5, though there’s no telling just how metaphorical the tease is (remember Jax going through a fence and over a cliff on his bike in one of season 5′s teases–it never happened, thankfully).

So we have club peacemaker Bobby, attempting to keep Tara and Gemma apart, with Gemma clearly the aggressor. We have Jax struggling, in a choke-hold by who else?–Clay–while Tig, who is now loyal to Jax for myriad reasons, attempts to intervene, with Juice (loyal to Clay) interfering. The rest is tangled, unidentifiable bodies–which is another recurring Sons Of Anarchy theme.

The Sons Of Anarchy season 6 premiere date was previously announced.

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