Sons of Anarchy Episode 6.13 Promo PHOTOS Season 6 Finale (VIDEO) (SPOILERS) #soafx

Is There Only One Way to Escape Charming and the Sons of Anarchy?

9 vert 450x740 Sons of Anarchy Episode 6.13 Promo PHOTOS Season 6 Finale (VIDEO) (SPOILERS) #soafx

Sons Of Anarchy Episode 6.13 (finale) ‘A Mother’s Work’ (Cr: FX)

Sons of Anarchy 6×13 Promo “A Mother’s Work” (HD) Season Finale VIDEO

Sons of Anarchy Episode 6.13 “A Mother’s Work” (Season Finale)  episode description

The ramifications of Jax’s choices put his club and family in jeopardy.

Written by Kurt Sutter & Chris Collins; directed by Kurt Sutter.

As usual, the episode description for the next Sons Of Anarchy episode is maddeningly vague, but it is a given that there will be more mayhem for the audience to look forward to.

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Sons Of Anarchy Episode 6.12 ‘You Are My Sunshine’ Shown Theo Rossi as Juan Carlos “Juice” Ortiz (Cr: FX)

First up: Will Juice’s (Theo Rossi) drug-soaked confession to Nero (Jimmy Smits) that Jax (Charlie Hunnam) ordered him–as proof of his loyalty to the club–to kill ‘Darmody’, the drug-addled mother of the boy who shot out his school with a SAMCRO-supplied (illegal) gun–have lethal consequences? ‘Darmody’ was Nero’s nephew’s old-lady. The most obvious candidate for extermination would be Juice himself. The character of Juice has, over time, proved himself to not be killer material. The more mayhem he causes the more he, himself, suffers. And he has not “recovered” from his suicidal ideations–as his Oxycontin-overdose in episode 612 and his many behavioral hints and outright declarations that he was not meant for “this life” have proved.


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Sons Of Anarchy Episode 6.13 (finale) ‘A Mother’s Work’ (Cr: FX)


The promo for Sons Of Anarchy episode 613–the season 6 finale, has Jax uttering, as he embraces Juice and kisses him on the cheek, that he knows Juice betrayed him. Jax has his typical enraged face on but what interests me more is Juice’s look of resignation–that it was all leading up to this–whether he took his own life or whether Jax does the deed himself–Juice has stopped caring. There is no way back for one of the club’s formerly most carefree members (Remember when he was their go-to guy for “anything” high-tech related?). It’s been a very long time since we saw the boy-like joy in Juice. SAMCRO killed it. If Juice doesn’t die in the season finale, it will be to have his pain prolonged into season 7, the final season. Regardless, Juice is a dead man walking.

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Sons Of Anarchy Episode 6.13 (finale) ‘A Mother’s Work’ Shown: Maggie Siff as Tara (Cr: FX)


Next up: Tara.
The end of last episode was where I again wanted to smack both Jax and his mommy dearest upside the head. Tara took the kids ‘somewhere’ without Jax’s or Gemma’s (Katey Sagal) ‘permission’. Gemma saw the DA (CCH Pounder) at the hospital when Tara was there for ‘supplies’ for Bobby’s (Mark Boone Junior) gunshot wound(s). Though the DA had a plausible explanation for Gemma–and Gemma believed it at the time, as soon as she realized that Tara ‘took’ the boys she blurted to Jax that Tara ratted out the club–and Jax, who still has not outgrown his mommy worship, believed her immediately and proceded to tear up the bedroom. I’m pretty sure that as long as Jax has his mother in his life–his life will be eff’d up. I think Tara knows that too, though she sees  the club–SAMCRO as being the big-picture problem–and she’s right.

So, we have Tara (possibly) manipulating the DA that she’ll provide evidence against SAMCRO –then backing out –or following through with her alternate plan of taking the boys and being free to think without thugs tailing her. I really hope she doesn’t make the classic overcompensating mommy mistake of giving in to her child’s wishes despite those childish desires not being in the kid’s best interest. Abel’s little whiny ‘I want my daddy’ mantra isn’t going to stop soon so if Tara has really grown a set and is fleeing Charming–leaving the outlaw life–she’d best get over what Abel wants and do what is best for him and his little bro, Thomas instead…

…Unless, Jax and his thugs prevent her from doing anything. Next’s week’s preview appears to show Jax tucking Abel into bed. If so, that was a very brief respite that Tara took. The DA said that if Tara doesn’t cooperate that the DA with bury her and she stated that the club will kill her if Tara flees.
I don’t agree. I don’t think Jax will kill Tara, if only because he didn’t kill junkie Wendy (Drea de Matteo) who actively brought harm to his child by shooting heroin while pregnant. He hates her (Wendy), yeah. But that is not the same as killing her.
So ultimately, its my guess that Tara survives into season 7. I don’t think the Tara /Jax union can be redeemed, not realistically, anyway.

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Sons Of Anarchy Episode 6.13 (finale) ‘A Mother’s Work’ (Cr: FX)

What about Nero? Even he acknowledges that bad things happen to the men Gemma hooks up with. Since he and Gemma are together as much or more than two married people, should that spell doom for Nero? Well, yes and no. No, because it would be too obvious (and too soon after Clay’s murder) but yes, because bad things are going down and Nero is an OG who runs with a biker gang. His life became way more complicated and dangerous when he hooked up with Gemma and even more so when he entangled himself with SAMCRO. So Nero dies, yes, absolutely. In the next episode? Possibly.

There was a whole lot of gunfire and death in Sons Of Anarchy season 6, so much so that I got desensitized to it and really stopped caring about who was included in the death roster each week. There are only a couple of characters that I care anything for now but there are more that I feel deserve to either go to jail, be banished from Charming, or just die already.

Stupid moves aside, Tara is still the most relatable and sympathetic of the lot as her goals as she (sort of awkwardly) monologued to Abel, are for her boys to be safe–not to better herself.  So, for that reason, and that if she were removed from the poisonous SAMCRO environment and got help, she is redeemable.

I’d be OK with the lot of them going straight to Hades in season 7, Tara and the boys excepted.