‘Sons Of Anarchy’ – Casting Update – Bad News For Jax and Tara! SPOILERS #sonsofanarchy

 SOA’s ‘Wendy’ Returns To Charming With A Vengeance

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Drea de Matteo and Shooter Jennings are both collaborating on Sons Of Anarchy this fall

“The most f—ed-up person at the beginning of the show is now, in a weird way, the healthiest parent. She’s the only one that’s hit bottom and had to do some work on herself,” he continued. “And now she has some self-awareness, which none of those guys do.” -  Sons Of Anarchy series creator Kurt Sutter


With Tara (Maggie Siff) being led away in handcuffs in Sons of Anarchy ‘s season 5 finale, it’s no surprise that Wendy (Drea de Matteo), Jax’s (Charlie Hunnam) ex-wife and mother of his first-born, Abel, will be back in Charming in season 6. De Matteo will reprise her role in multiple episodes. EW has confirmed that Wendy returns beginning with the season 6 premiere in September.

Previously, in Sons Of Anarchy season 5,  Jax attacked Wendy, and shot up the recovering addict with heroin to discredit her should she try to pursue a custody battle for Abel, so she most likely would not be someone to turn to now–but Jax may have no say in the matter.

Chatting with reporters last fall, de Matteo said she believed Wendy’s motives for wanting to form a relationship with Abel were pure:

“I think she is, probably after all of the treatment that she’s been through and now becoming a counselor herself, the healthiest of the bunch. It’s pretty crazy…. It’s like watching a child grow up, to a certain degree. I think in the very beginning of the series she was extremely, extremely vulnerable. At first she was mess, then she was sober and a raw nerve. Now she comes back with her confidence intact and not wanting to stir any shit up except to be a responsible party. And it seems the whole entire world has imploded, and she’s gonna have a hard time maneuvering within it because nobody’s stable over there. She’s now become the face of stability (Laughs), which is kind of funny.”

Also scheduled to make an appearance in season 6: A song on which SOA creator Kurt Sutter collaborated with de Matteo’s longtime partner, Shooter Jennings. Sutter wrote the lyrics and Jennings the music.

SOURCE: ‘Sons of Anarchy’: Drea de Matteo returning

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