‘American Horror Story’ – Son of Bloody Face Returns! Episode 10 Promo (VIDEO) SPOILERS #americanhorrorstory

Dylan McDermott Returns to ‘American Horror Story’ (SPOILERS)!
81 600x331 American Horror Story   Son of Bloody Face Returns! Episode 10 Promo (VIDEO) SPOILERS #americanhorrorstory

Dylan McDermott as Johnny Thredson in AHS: Asylum episode 9 (Cr: FX)

I’m going to jump right in and speculate about the SPOILERS revealed by Dylan McDermott who opened Wednesday’s episode 9 of American Horror Story with his shocking new character–Bloody Face!

How can both Dr. Thredson (Zach Quinto) and the McDermott character both be Bloody Face–48 years apart?
Well, you may recall that Dr. Thredson/Bloody Face held Lana (Sarah Paulson) hostage and raped her. The rape resulted in a pregnancy which Lana tried unsuccessfully to abort with a coat hangar. Though there’s no way to know in what shape Lana will be when she gives birth, it is pretty certain that she is Bloody Face Jr’s birth mother. He explains to his would-be therapist that he–’Johnny Thredson’–grew up in the foster care system–so if Lana has any say in it, though she may have to carry him to term–she gives him up after he is born.

Here’s what is really intriguing about what McDermott said of his character–he’ll have scenes with both Dr. Thredson/Bloody Face and with Lana!
Since before he killed her, he told his therapist that he’d discovered the identities of his parents, it seems pretty likely that he pays them both visits. All I can say is “Poor Lana!’

This too, would seem to explain how a roughly 80-year-old Dr. Thredson/ Bloody Face could be slaughtering victims in the present day. His son is carrying on the ‘family business.’


31 600x336 American Horror Story   Son of Bloody Face Returns! Episode 10 Promo (VIDEO) SPOILERS #americanhorrorstory

Jessica Lange and Joseph Fiennes in AHS: Asylum – Episode 2.10 airing on Jan 2, 2013 (Credit: FX)

American Horror Story 2×10 Promo “The Name Game” (HD) Promo & Synopsis:

While Arden concludes his experiments, Howard meets Mary Eunice’s inner self and Kit has an unexpected reunion. American Horror Story Asylum returns January 2nd on FX.  Airs on 01.02.12


Short excerpt from EW.com interview with Dylan McDermott:

American Horror Story: Asylum showrunner Ryan Murphy promised the actors of American Horror Story that if they returned for season 2, they would be playing completely different roles. That was certainly the case for Dylan McDermott who made his debut on AHS: Asylum last night as deranged serial killer Johnny Thredson, aka Bloody Face, a stark change from his role as sex-addicted therapist Ben Harmon last season.

Q: Has it been tough playing such a creepy, disturbed guy?

A: He is. I think in the episodes that are following you’ll get a little more sympathy for him and you’ll understand him more than in the first episode. I think after that he softens up a little bit. You kind of see the torture a little more and are a little more sympathetic to him….

Q: Have you been able to see any of your old AHS cast members, like Evan Peters or Sarah Paulson, since you’re in the modern storyline?
A: Yeah, Sarah I’m going to see in this episode coming up. Zach, I did a scene with him. So yeah there will be sprinkles of it.

SOURCE: ‘American Horror Story’: Dylan McDermott talks his ‘Asylum’ debut and playing Bloody Face — EXCLUSIVE

Update: ‘Son of Bloody Face’ has been making the rounds on the interview circuit. Here are some more choice tidbits (SPOILERS):

But it was you on the phone talking to the police and that’s when people really started to figure it out.
Yeah, they knew it was me. I wasn’t foolin’ anybody.

The masturbation line was a funny throwback to the scene we all have scarred in our minds from Season 1.
Yes, of course. [Laughs.] The cry-bating.

You mentioned to EW that you’ll have a scene with Sarah and a scene with Zach. How is that possible?
Without giving anything away, I will tell you that it’s deeply fascinating stuff because it’s psychological. There’s a reason why he’s a serial killer — not to justify him by any means — but there’s a reason he ended up the way he did and he’s after answers. He wants to know why he was thrown away. He just can’t wrap his head around why someone would do that, why somebody would abandon him in such a horrible way so those questions are going to be answered for sure.

Johnny mentioned that in search of some answers, he’s living in Thredson’s very bizarre house. Will we see what he’s up to there?

Oh god. I don’t really want to see those creepy nipple lampshades. 
I know, right? And believe me, there’s a scene coming in that house that’s more creepy than you could imagine. [Laughs.] This post-modern, very clean, strange house, there’s a creep factor for sure. But he wanted to be there to be close to his dad.

SOURCE: Dylan McDermott Talks ‘American Horror Story,’ Cry-Bating, Dermot Mulroney And ‘Philly Justice’


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